Reduce Your Team's
Stress and Anxiety

Elavate your team to their hightest Potential

 A one-of-a-kind program for reducing employee stress and anxiety, and improving mental health in the workplace.

About the Program

Envision a world that
truly cares about
Employee Mental Health...

A one-of-a-kind program

to increase employee engagement and retention by teaching your
team members how to reduce stress, gain control of their mental
states, and cultivate healthy habits. The Elevated program boosts
productivity and engagement.
"Listening to the soft rain relaxing audio recording is like finding a peaceful tune in life's chaos. It's the calming rhythm that helped me chill amidst the daily hustle."
Jesi D.
Corporate LMS Administrator


Reducing Employee Stress And Improving the
Mental health of your Team

Stress, anxiety, and poor mental health cost organizations billions. Absenteeism increases, employee retention decreases, and the overall productivity of the organization suffers. Deploying effective stress reduction and mental health initiatives is imperative. The Elevated Team program offers an effective Solution.

Adobe implemented a stress management program that included meditation and yoga classes, as well as stress management workshops. As a result, employee stress levels decreased, and the company saw a 50% reduction in healthcare costs
Comprehensive employee wellness program led to a 25% reduction in healthcare costs per employee over a five-year period.
Wellness programs generated an average ROI of $3.27 for every dollar spent on the program. This comes in the form of reduced healthcare costs, decreased absenteeism, and increased productivity.
Annual excess healthcare costs per employee with anxiety disorders ranged from $1,483 to $3,505.
Absenteeism costs fall by about $2.73 for every dollar spent on wellness programs.

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